Water Sports in Scotland


A few months ago we bought vouchers off of Itison (voucher site) for wakeboarding at Loch Lomond Wakeboard next to the Ardlui Hotel. We eventually got round to going a couple of weeks ago and absolutely loved it! We immediately booked to come back the next weekend with our friends.


When we arrived it was a gorgeous day although the weather said it would be snowing, the staff were so friendly and got us sorted with wetsuits and life jackets. I was a little nervous as I am not a great swimmer and am not very confident in the water but we were shown what to do once we get in the water and I already felt ok with it and got excited. We got on the speed boat and were taken out to the middle of the loch, the surroundings are stunning!

Kyle in action!


When the boat stops you put your feet into the boots attached to the board and get into the water at this point it is nice and relaxing lying floating in the water admiring the gorgeous scenery and then it’s time to get going. You start off with your knees as close to your chest and lie in the water in a squat position – this is the tricky part! At first you are trying to keep your balance and slowly stand up whilst remaining in the squat position, at first you will probably try and push your weight onto the board but you should really be trying to put as little amount of weight on the board as you can. You are also holding onto the handle which is attached to the end of a rope tied to the boat, you have to try and let the boat push you and not pull to much on the handle which was my mistake. Kyle went first and managed to stand up and go for quite a bit and then I tried it and managed to stand up on my very last try! yeyyy! When we went back with our friends Grant and Nina it was great fun too apart from the weather was a lot colder. The water never changed much in temperature so I would advise if you are going to try this buy some gloves and socks for wakeboarding or you will end up with very numb hands and feet.

The water was a little cold…..





After Wakeboarding we took kayaks out for an hour the water was a little choppy but this would be fantastic on a nice day, the have both single and double kayaks. The boys took our singles and Nina and I had a double #GirlPower at first I was extremely worried and thought we were getting tipped right into the loch but after a while we got a hang of it and were fabulous!






I am so glad we tried it and can’t wait to go again it is a great day out and there definitely will be a lot of falling back into the water swallowing half of the loch and face- planting in the water but it is definitely worth it. They have showers there to use, just remember to take towels with you :)

Take a look at the site here –¬†http://www.lochlomondwakeboard.com/