Brazilian Valentines Day- The gift of Mirelle Activewear


Not long now until Brazilian Valentines Day on June 12th when couples will be seen loved up enjoying romantic meals and exchanging gifts which are usually chocolates and flowers. Us girls love getting spoiled with gifts once in a while but when we are trying to get our bodies ready for the beach chocolates probably aren’t the greatest gift to receive because lets be honest that box is not going to get shared and will disappear very quickly.

I thought I would give you guys out there looking for the perfect gift for your girl some ideas and girls don’t forget that Valentine’s is a day for guys to spoil us! It’s a day to love yourself and your body too so treat yourself girl you know you deserve it!

Now guys listen up! What we really love is getting something different and something we will use soo why not have a look at the stunning Mirelle Activewear? Luxury activewear which can be worn to workout or even on a night out! Your girl will look and feel fabulous in anything from the range! Even if she doesn’t feel confident going to the gym she definitely will when she gets into her Mirelle Activewear. I swear by it! Each time I put mine on I feel amazing and confident ready to take on anything at the gym! I love that I can wear it anywhere because it is so fashionable too!
Just how amazing does this look? Probably my favourite outfit from the new collection.


Wear Mirelle Activewear anywhere! Even on the Red Carpet!   

Here I am wearing one of my favourite outfits the all in one paired with a pull over vest top. Great for yoga or leg day! You have no idea how good it feels not having to constantly pull your leggings up or top down!


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Have a wonderful day when it comes! ❤️