The Bowery Restaurant & Bar


It is Friday yey! Time to celebrate with good food and a cocktail or two! The best place to go? The Bowery on Queen Street in Glasgow. Newly opened and formally The Independent. After a long day working and after a talk at the Glasgow Science Festival Kyle and I were soo hungry! We headed to The Bowery and immediately after walking in I felt relaxed and that I could unwind and enjoy some tasty food. The staff are all so lovely, honest and helpful which is great as there are many places where the staff just seem like they cannot wait to get out the place. The food is locally sourced fresh produce served up in a cosmopolitan atmosphere – Just perfect!


We were taken to our seats and left to order food. We decided on some Focaccia and the tempura to start with. I do wish that I never ordered the Focaccia as it filled me up and I felt like I couldn’t finish my main meal but it was delicious! For mains we had the Slow Braised Beef Brisket and the Roast Smoke Salmon Pasta. I highly recommend the brisket, I don’t usually like steak if it is really chewy but this literally melts in your mouth. I tried some of the pasta which was also delicious and a good sized portion. There is a great deal of choice on the menu so I am excited about going back and next time trying the cocktails too! We love our cocktails and like them made right, we spoke to the bar manager and he was so passionate about his job as a mixologist we knew the drinks would be great. The cocktail list looks fantastic, see it Here.


Just to make your mouth water here are some pictures of the food we enjoyed…


The Starters – Focaccia






The Main’s



The Bowery presents a remarkable lineup of local rotational DJ talent from the Levelone roster on Friday & Saturday evenings from 9pm til midnight. Kris Keeegan, Ian Stirling, Ryan Kerr, David Scally, Will Gunn & Scott Strachan provide the weekend soundtrack to compliment your evenings entertainment.  Check them out on Soundcloud Here.




A great place for some dinner and drinks after work, a night out, date night, a special occasion or just to try some really flavoursome food.  Check out the website Here