Water Sports in Scotland


A few months ago we bought vouchers off of Itison (voucher site) for wakeboarding at Loch Lomond Wakeboard next to the Ardlui Hotel. We eventually got round to going a couple of weeks ago and absolutely loved it! We immediately booked to come back the next weekend with our friends.


When we arrived it was a gorgeous day although the weather said it would be snowing, the staff were so friendly and got us sorted with wetsuits and life jackets. I was a little nervous as I am not a great swimmer and am not very confident in the water but we were shown what to do once we get in the water and I already felt ok with it and got excited. We got on the speed boat and were taken out to the middle of the loch, the surroundings are stunning!

Kyle in action!


When the boat stops you put your feet into the boots attached to the board and get into the water at this point it is nice and relaxing lying floating in the water admiring the gorgeous scenery and then it’s time to get going. You start off with your knees as close to your chest and lie in the water in a squat position – this is the tricky part! At first you are trying to keep your balance and slowly stand up whilst remaining in the squat position, at first you will probably try and push your weight onto the board but you should really be trying to put as little amount of weight on the board as you can. You are also holding onto the handle which is attached to the end of a rope tied to the boat, you have to try and let the boat push you and not pull to much on the handle which was my mistake. Kyle went first and managed to stand up and go for quite a bit and then I tried it and managed to stand up on my very last try! yeyyy! When we went back with our friends Grant and Nina it was great fun too apart from the weather was a lot colder. The water never changed much in temperature so I would advise if you are going to try this buy some gloves and socks for wakeboarding or you will end up with very numb hands and feet.

The water was a little cold…..





After Wakeboarding we took kayaks out for an hour the water was a little choppy but this would be fantastic on a nice day, the have both single and double kayaks. The boys took our singles and Nina and I had a double #GirlPower at first I was extremely worried and thought we were getting tipped right into the loch but after a while we got a hang of it and were fabulous!






I am so glad we tried it and can’t wait to go again it is a great day out and there definitely will be a lot of falling back into the water swallowing half of the loch and face- planting in the water but it is definitely worth it. They have showers there to use, just remember to take towels with you :)

Take a look at the site here – http://www.lochlomondwakeboard.com/



Foods for clearer skin


Think spots are something just teenagers get? Think again. Around 20% of women suffer from acne well into their 20’s & 30’s, which can be caused by anything from stress to hormone fluctuations and more.

Do you feel like you have tried almost every skin- care product available and yet you still get spots or dull skin? Here are some foods to add to your diet for clearer more glowing skin…


Nettles get a bad rep for being a stingy garden nuisance, but taken in tea, capsule or soup form, you might be surprised to discover they have an anti-inflammatory effect, helping to calm the skin and improve conditions like eczema and acne. They’re also extremely detoxifying, thanks to high levels of antioxidants which protect the body from the over-production of free radicals – chemicals which can cause damage to proteins, fats, carbohydrates and DNA in the body. Stock up on nettle tea from your local health food shop and see if it makes a difference.





Not only are berries jammed with skin clearing antioxidants, but they’re packed with fibre too: great for staving off hunger pangs and regulating insulin production.



It’s really hard to pick fault with a steaming cup of peppermint tea, which is known for its potent healing and calming properties. Not only can it help to aid digestion, relieve stress – a common acne aggravator – treat headaches and clear sinuses, but it’s seriously good for the skin, too. Try swapping it in for your usual cup of tea with 4 sugars and see if it makes a difference.



The omega-3s and antioxidants in salmon, sardines, anchovies, and mackerel fight inflammation and hydrate, while the protein repairs skin cells.



They’re packed with polyphenol antioxidants! Polyphenols fight free radicals and regulate skin’s blood flow, giving it rosiness. One pomegranate or a few glasses of juice daily should do the trick.



Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, which helps to keep the skin firm and taut by aiding collagen production. They also contain lycopene: the red pigment which not only gives them their bright red colour, but also stimulates skin circulation.



Next time you make a salad, try substituting a few lettuce leaves for some peppery watercress. The leafy greens are jammed full of antioxidants as well as minerals manganese, carotene and potassium. This makes watercress a powerful cleansing agent, nourishing the skin while helping to flush out toxins and excess fluids in the process. Bonus!Watercress2


Clear skin starts from within, and one of the best, cheapest and most effective ways to get there is to help your body flush out toxins by drink plenty of water. Not only will upping your fluid levels help to keep your brains fully functional and therefore better able to cope with stress, but it also replenishes water in the cells. Make sure you drink the recommended eight glasses of water a day, and drink more after exercise. Yeah I know it is super hard to do this but try buying two 2ltr bottles a day and drinking them.


Kidney Beans 

They’re high in zinc, and studies indicate a correlation between blemishes and low zinc levels, Dr. Wu explains. “That may be because of zinc’s healing properties. Not a huge fan of these myself but if they are going to zap the zits I will give them a go!b442010652734975586f8fb179eb9062


It would be great to hear your feedback or any tips you have for clearing your skin.


Holly x




Gusto Restaurant Review


Gusto Restaurant and Bar on Bothwell Street in Glasgow is a new Grand Italian restaurant which doesn’t break the bank! Aiming to make the everyday exquisite – they do just that and the meal was faultless from start to finish.

On Tuesday evening my boyfriend and I decided to head to Gusto for date night and what a fantastic one it was…

Stepping in to Gusto we were greeted by a welcoming member of the Gusto team who directed us to the bar whilst we waited for our seats (we decided to go early to try out some cocktails).  We sat down and had a chat about the extensive and exciting cocktail list. As I was driving I decided on the non – alcoholic Strawberry and Mint Cooler which was made with fresh strawberries, cherry preserve and mint muddled with lemon juice and apple juice, lengthened with soda water – a deliciously refreshing drink, perfect for a summers day. Kyle decided on the Rosemary Twist which I had a sip of  and it was full of flavour, one I will definitely try again! It was made with Bacardi Oro stirred with mulled rosemary, luxardo maraschino and Sanata Teresa orange liqueur.  We sat at the bar for around 15/ 20 minutes and chatted to some of the lovely members of staff about the stunning decor, food menu and what they would suggest. It was so nice to speak to members of the team and hear how passionate they are about the menu’s and the restaurant – they were delightful. The bar is stunning and a great area to visit even if you are only stopping by for some cocktails. I can’t wait to get back and try the Cherry and Coconut Sour or the Figs and Honey.

After enjoying our cocktails we were then taken to our seats which were extremely comfy! Great for a lunch meeting or a dinner with some friends. Usually I find in a booth you all feel crammed together like a tin of sardines in some restaurants but these have plenty of room! Our seats gave us a great view of the restaurant and we admired the art in either side of the room which are very striking and not what you would expect to see in an Italian restaurant but it is very individual which I loved. 

Making the decision on what to eat was a tricky choice I must say as the menu had lots of  classic and contemporary Italian food to choose from. After deciding I would just have to come back to try more dishes I chose to start with the mussels cooked with white wine, cream and garlic and for main the Truffle Verdi pizza which was courgettes and goats cheese with truffle dressing and red chard on a pea base. I loved this dish as it was different to any pizza I had ever tasted, it was light, refreshing and full of tasty flavours which worked well together (currently craving it). Oh I just got over excited telling you about the Truffle Verdi I almost forgot to tell you about the mussels, I could never forget them! There was just the right amount for a starter, usually I fill myself up and can’t manage my dinner however the starter was the perfect size but I could also have enjoyed a fee more if I never made the wrong decision to offer him some. Never do that! Sometimes people think you are serious and take you up on the offer. The mussels are a must try! Kyle chose to have the Romesco Chicken Salad with goats cheese, red peppers and aged balsamic, what a great choice! He then had a pasta with a flavoursome marinara sauce which disappeared very quickly so from that reaction I took it that it was very enjoyable. Not only were the dishes exquisite but we also felt relaxed with the 1920’s decor and the jazz music on in the background.
 Mussels in White Wine sauce, cream and garlic 

Romesco Chicken Salad


Truffle Verdi 

Pasta in a marinara sauce 

 The third course….

Oh boy was this delightful! I went straight for the Nutella and Mascarpone Calzone, uhh huh I said it! This was just heaven on a plate. After two courses I am usually stuffed and cannot manage dessert but I had to try this and I am so glad I did, the calzone melted in my mouth and aroused my taste buds. Kyle opted for the three scoop ice cream with almond flakes, sadly the pistachio ice cream was all gone as it was so popular but the vanilla and strawberry was creamy and light – perfect end to a lovely meal.

 Nutella Calzone and two scoop ice cream  
Will I be back? I can’t wait to visit again! The food is of a high standard, the presentation & attention to detail is precise and appealing, the flavours full while being superbly balanced such that each dish leaves you thinking there is little to nothing that could be done to make it better.


I highly recommend Gusto and it is a perfect lunch or dinner spot if you are even just visiting the city as it is in a great location situated just around the corner from Central Station.


Book ok your table and take your taste buds on a flavoursome adventure…






My Workout Essentials


I am sure you have heard the saying ” Look good, feel good, do good” well it definitely works for me!

If you have not yet seen the stunning Mirelle Activewear range then take a look here https://mirelleactivewear.com/  I fell in love instantly with the brand as the designs were vibrant and fun! The activewear makes you feel and look good when working out the material is light and soft too. Previously I would have worn all black to the gym but I love these yellow and black leggings they are fun and get you in the mood for working out.






Mirelle Activewear also have a great range of all – in – one suits which are just fabulous! No more pulling up your leggings every time you do a burpee! They also make your stomach look super flat too yeyy!




Another one of my must have’s for the gym is my Core 150 protein shaker! These are amazing as they have a compartment inside the shaker which can be removed where you can store extra protein powder or like me nuts and fruit. I tend to use mine to hold my green slimming detox smoothie or detox water usually water with cucumber, strawberry’s and lemon.  Get your’s at http://www.core150.com/







Festival Must Have’s


The festival season is approaching us and you will probably be starting to pick up some essentials. Last year I worked at T In The Park in The Scottish Sun Artists Signing Tent. It was great fun as I worked with three of my lovely friends who I shared my Miss Scotland experience with in 2011 and we met lots of celebs too!

When packing for my five days of camping I started to panic as I had never been camping for more than one night and did not know how on earth I was going to look presentable to work with celebs without what I would have said were my daily essentials. However I realised I just could not take everything I wanted with me. Here are some of my top picks and must have’s if you are off to a festival this summer…

Batiste Dry Shampoo

One can of this will do you. Try the Tropical one it smells amazing and leaves your hair with a little bounce too!




BaByliss Gas Hair Straighteners

These are a fantastic buy at only £25.99 from Amazon. I used these to straighten my hair and also on a couple of days add some waves to it. They come with two power cells which will be more than enough for you.





Boots Cucumber Cleansing Wipes

One of my fav essentials in my make up bag! These wipes are fabulous at only £1.50 too! I took three packs of these. They leave your face and body feeling and even smelling refreshed too.




Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction Body Spray

I first bought this when I was 16 at an airport and have been in love with it ever since. It stays on just as long as perfume does and there are lot’s of other scents to choose from too. My favourite is Pure Seduction – a flirty, floral fragrance with succulent red plum and sweet freesia. The spray is also infused with conditioning aloe vera and calming chamomile.



Joules Wellies

I bought these last minute as I realised that festivals can get muddy and my converse and pretty sandals might just not do, especially if it rained which it did! Joules have so many gorgeous colours and prints to choose from don’t you think those ribbons are soo cute?




Do you have any festival essentials you advise us to pick up? Leave your comments below :)


Holly x



Things To Do To Improve Your Happiness


Happy National Happiness Day! :D


It’s Friday so we should all be feeling much happier anyway however there’s always something, even something so insignificant that can effect your mood in a day. Being a girl, often we don’t even know what made our mood change and have no idea why we hate everyone and everything. Here are some ways to change your mood and feel a lot more happier!

1. Have a social media break

I know I know this sounds impossible especially as there are now a lot of jobs that require you to do work on social media. Social media obsessing is a bad habit many of us have, however stalking your friends or sister of your friends aunts cousins wives landlords local shop assistants daughter’s profile looking at their amazing photos of their ‘amazing’ life is not going to help you – at all! People will not share the bad things that happen to them like getting ditched, losing their job, being skint or when nothing is going their way (although there are still many people who do). Most people share their best photos so that girl’s profile you don’t even know, well her profile photo probably has been chosen out of approximately 30 selfies she has taken before a night out, been tweaked on an app and valencia filter put on it. So no she is not ‘perfect’ and she probably wouldn’t look so much better than you if she never wore all that make up – after all we probably all look the same at 3am coming out a club and walking into the take out shop. Another thing that will irritate you is logging into Facebook or Instagram and every day without fail someone you went to school with will have got engaged, bought their first house or is pregnant and this makes you feel a little sympathetic for yourself because you still live with parents and are still trying to figure out who you are, and what you want to do it life. Don’t worry – you are not alone! So instead of obsessing over social media, try reading a book, call a friend, or even just choose to paint your nails — but just signing off allows you to live your life instead of watching other people live theirs.


2. Fake it until you make it

Some days you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed and from the moment you wake up nothing seems to be going your way, you would rather stay under the covers and have a sob. That would be great but it wouldn’t do anything to help your mood so put on a smile even if you don’t feel like it – it has been said that just smiling can make you feel a lot more happier.


3. Have a giggle

Laughing instantly makes you feel a lot more happier, take a trip to your local comedy club or watch a funny film it will help you forget what’s making you feel down. Grab a tub of Ben & Jerrys and wine too and you will be loving life.

4.  Stop comparing yourself to others

Everyone has their own path in life, and when you start to compare yours to others’, you take focus away from personal progress. While jealousy can be hard to beat, learning to let go of how you compare to others will ultimately help you to focus on your own successes. Write down your goals, write down what you need to do to get there and keep looking back at them this will help you focus and get to where you want to be. Remember “live a few years of your life like most people won’t so that you can live the rest of your life like some people can’t”.

5. Give yourself a break

Putting in long ours at the office is draining but do you want to know a trick that will help you to be both happier and productive? Take a break! You can always have a Kit Kat on that break too if you like.Even if it’s just taking a brisk walk, popping out for a coffee or getting your body moving take your eyes off the screen occasionally. This will help you come back after just five minutes, feeling refreshed and ready to tackle whatever project is up next on the agenda.

6. Get up, dress up and put on some lipstick

Lying on your bed wearing mis- matching pi’s with your mascara running down your face wont make you feel like a princess or feel happy at all so get up have a shower, put on your favourite outfit and do your hair and make up. You will how much more happier and confident you will feel! A couple of cosmos will help to and you probably deserve them.

7. Get away from it all

Sometimes we just need to get a rest or need a change of scenery. Even if you cant afford to spend a lot, there are plenty of budget- friendly ways to get out there and see the world. Experiencing a new culture or food or just a change of weather is a great way to bring a little extra happiness into your life. In November a group of friends and I had been working long hours in the office and were not getting to do anything fun, we were fed up and needed a break. As we were starting our businesses we couldn’t really afford to do much but after having a look around I found a great website called http://www.holidaypirates.com. We managed to get a weeks holiday for just £80pp to a lovely hotel in Tenerife with flights. We hired a car when we got there which cost around 80 euros and bought food at the local supermarket. The holiday was lovely and just what we needed! Whether you book a trip alone or with a friend, travelling helps you to create memories that you will never forget.


Holly x

So you are going to a wedding…


It is almost Wedding season and you have probably notice more pretty dresses in shop windows for wedding guests. Weddings can be expensive especially if you have a few to go to. Here are some Wedding guest outfits and accessories that won’t break the bank…




Slimming Detox Smoothie


We all know stars love their juice diets, and who can blame them? They have amazing health benefits, and they also help them stay in great shape. As most of us will finally be starting to use those gym memberships we got in January I thought I would share one of my favourite detox and slimming smoothie recipes. This recipe is Victoria Secret model Mother of two Alexandra Ambrosia’s favourite juice recipe too.


Another reason why I love this drink so much is the major health benefits. They really are endless, but here are just ten to name a few:


-gives you more energy
-mental clarity
-crave less junk food
-less snacking
-filling (fills you up until your next meal)
-improves skin and lessens wrinkles
-reduces the risk of serious disease
-improves your immunity


What you will need:


2 servings Recipe-make one and save one for later, they keep well for one day.
1-very unripe banana
1-green apple
1 cup of spinach
1 cup of romaine lettuce or kale
Juice of 2 lemons
1-cup of celery
Organic honey
1 cup of very cold water


Add to blender, blend on high and enjoy… Your body will thank you!


Try it out and let me know what you think.


Holly x






What I am loving at the moment






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